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Why You Should Go Off the Grid

Why You Should Go Off the Grid

Why go off the grid?

It’s a good question, and there are many potential answers. In some of our other articles, we talked about specifically how you empower yourself by thinking outside the box. Here are some of the biggest reasons to think about going off the grid today.

The Grid is Stressed Out

Traditional energy sources are tapped out and under pressure in all sorts of ways. Pipelines are deteriorating beyond what’s safe. Electrical grids are pumping carbon into the atmosphere, and still not providing the quality of supply that we need. Going off the grid helps you to not be part of these distressing problems, because whether it’s peak oil, fracking, and its environmental impact (bad!) or nuclear, our traditional grid is getting stuck in a vicious cycle of scarcity.

Go Beyond the Command-and-control Economy

Going off the grid also helps you to be more self-reliant and build new models of thinking that challenge the dominant mentality that you’re a passive pawn in a big system.

Become your own big fish in your own small pond. Instead of paying some faceless company for power – create your own power, and sell it back to them – or make your property self-sustainable (one way is by becoming your own farmer) and you won’t have to deal with them much at all.

Community and Networking

Here’s another big reason to go off the grid that most people haven’t thought about.

When you do this, you are entering a world where grassroots networking is done every day. Farm to table and bartering for services and local community social networks are all around you. You just don’t see it if you’re attached to the corporate grid and detached from the free-living community!

Building Wealth for the Future

Building wealth isn’t about becoming ‘Mr. Moneybags’ and dominating over the masses. It’s about giving yourself the ability to have a voice, and again, to be self-reliant in an economy where it’s hard for the average person to stay afloat.

It’s like this – you put on your own air mask before you help somebody else put on theirs. So if you’re financially stable, you can do a lot for other people marginalized in your community, but if you yourself are struggling, in general, this kind of aid and mutual support is less possible.

These are just some of the reasons to go off of today’s unhealthy grid – not just in terms of energy, but in terms of any goods or services. Cut out the middleman corporation and deal with other people. It’s better for your sanity, and it’s better for the world. Want help? Talk to us!

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