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Well as 2021 comes to a close and we look back at the year in review. It gives us time to reflect on the things that worked and the things that didn’t work as they relate to becoming your own farmer. Throughout our parent organization’s existence and from our founder’s early days we have always been committed to the little guy. During this current pandemic, the need for a local supply chain has never been more obvious. When you go to the store and the shelves are challenged as far as what is available. Or even more so, the issue of staffing for these big corporate entities leaves the establishments in total disarray. The importance of having control of your supply chain is extremely clear. Even being hands-on in the growth, processing, and storage of your food has come to the forefront of many people’s minds.

What better time in history to “Become Your Farmer”?

Even if it is on a small scale during this time that many are being forced to stay home. Growing your own food in some way shape or fashion provides for a level of security within one’s own circle. In addition to being a way to obtain some form of physical activity for your own health. Even the act of getting your hands dirty and in the actual soil microbial action helps to build stronger immunity within oneself. Being exposed to sunlight while working on your own farm project allows your body to create natural Vitamin D. Vitamin D is also a huge benefit to one’s immunity. So, if you are indeed concerned with your health being resilient to the germs in our world. Becoming your own is a farmer is an excellent way to do so.

Concerned about the near future in our world?

After watching the world and society come to almost a screeching halt this last year are you concerned about the future? Many people have seen their employment be significantly altered. Some have a drastic negative correlation to their financial status. Which directly relates to the financial ability to purchase food and products. Giving yet another good example of why you should “become your own farmer”. Since you are now going to grow agricultural products for yourself, why not add that extra row of crops? Or that extra few chickens? Then you can sell, trade, or barter with your neighbors and community. Helping build local supply chain stability and strong community.

Does the Cost of Fuel concern you?

As most people have noticed inflation is at a record-breaking pace (US News and World Report Article). If you have been to the store or even the gas station you know just how bad the costs are affecting your wallet. When you become you farmer you take control of some of these costs because you control the inputs. In addition to not having to pay for the shipping and inflated costs of the finished product. While you might have to buy fuel for equipment or for the inputs. The end costs that affect your production will be slightly higher. The value of the finished product will be much greater. Leading cause to yet another reason to “become your own farmer”.

If you are interested in becoming your own farmer for the above reasons or any other. Please feel free to reach out to us HERE.

From all of our family to yours…

Happy Holidays!

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