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A broken supply chain

A broken supply chain:

When you look at the great pandemic of 2020, known as coronavirus or covid 19 you see how it affected the overall supply chain. The way our society and those in it access food was shown to have huge holes in the system. People saw just how far the system was already under pressure and broken when they went to the shelves of their local stores and they were empty. When the government both federal and local forced the local ma and pop stores to shut down, but let the massive international companies stay open. Sometimes calling the corporate giants “essential businesses”. Yet the ma and pop stores and restaurants were often forced to close. Some of them permanently.

These actions showed exactly why it is essential to become your own farmer and take control of your supply chain. While that might involve more work out of the gate. If you work with nature, it will become a sustainable system that not only feeds you but offers you products that you can barter or trade for other services and products. When you barter you take back control of the economic impact your consumerism has. You take the money from wall street investors or worse yet overseas multi-national companies and keep it in the LOCAL community and economy.

It is clear by what happened in 2020 to the corporate supply chain and access to food, and other goods in the stores that we cannot count on them to protect us. Many people in America do not have a stockpile of food, and supplies. They rely on the ability to go to the store and get what they need. They already live paycheck to paycheck. THereby are not able to afford the large three months plus stockpile of supplies that are recommended. By becoming their own farmer, and growing their own food they can take back that cost factor, and have the ability to stockpile more food over time. Now you say “I live in the city, I cant farm”. Well, yes you can. There are aspects available through our “My Victory Garden” Program that enable families and individual people to grow food in the city. Aspects like urban gardening, community gardens, and even aeroponics and aquaponics produce healthy food in confined spaces.

So, in closing. Today in 2021 It is even more important to take control of your supply chain and Become Your Own Farmer. Contact us and get started on the road to Food Independence. Your actions today will help the generations to follow to have access to food and agricultural goods regardless of the broken corporate supply chain.

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